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Summer is a time for activities—family celebrations, walking, hiking, wading in creeks, trips to the beach and the zoo, and picnics and amusement parks. The list is endless. And while these activities may sound fun, they can be stressful for those with chronic leg pain.

An active summer day for varicose vein sufferers means sitting in a lawn chair and putting your feet up while everyone else has a good time. Or parking yourself on a bench at Cedar Point while your kids or grandkids stand in the long lines for the award-winning attractions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Gone are the days of painful stripping surgery that agonized our parents and grandparents. Today’s ultrasound-guided laser treatments are fast, effective and relatively painless. In fact, the number one response we hear from patients after treatment is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner!?”

Simple things you can do this summer to find relief from pain and swelling include putting your feet up against a wall until the swelling subsides then putting on a pair of compression socks. This may not be an ideal option in the heat of summer, so try it first inside your air conditioned home. I wear compression socks virtually every day.

And start walking. You may have a few rough days, then it will get easier. Slowly build up how much you can tolerate.

Pay attention to your legs this summer. If you notice symptoms, go ahead and visit us now for possible treatment later this fall.

By Dr. Sonja Stiller


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