Holiday Vein Care Tips

Holiday Vein Care

At Center For Advanced Vein Care, it is our goal to provide Mentor with top quality vein care and treatment services. Whether you’ve been suffering from the effects of varicose veins for far too long or you have recently discovered the pain and discomfort that they cause, we are here to provide you with the absolute best in vein care services. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

With the end of the year comes the hustle and bustle of the holidays. While the end of the year is a fantastic time to get your veins treated, the busyness of shopping and entertaining can certainly take a toll on your veins. In this blog, we will look at a small handful of things that you can do to help reduce varicose vein related pain, so that you can enjoy yourself this holiday season. Read on to find out just a few ways that you can help decrease varicose vein pain this holiday season.

Take A Break From Sitting and Standing

One of the many things that can cause varicose vein-related pain is being dormant for an extended amount of time. With the holidays comes an overall increase of traffic on the roads and inside shopping malls. Because of this, you may find yourself spending more time than you normally do sitting in the car or standing and waiting in line at the mall. While standing or sitting for an extended amount of time is sometimes inevitable, it’s important to make sure that you break up these extended periods of both sitting and standing. Allowing yourself time to get up, walk around, and stretch will help your veins and legs feel better, allowing you to feel better and enjoy the fun and excitement of the holiday season.

Getting Exercise

In addition to doing your fair share of sitting and standing for extended amounts of time during the holidays, it’s never a bad idea to make sure that you’re getting adequate amounts of exercise. It’s important to ensure that your body is getting enough circulation, and making sure that you are helping your calf muscles stretch out a few times a day will help you feel less varicose vein-related pain during the holidays. It’s also important to get more exercise during the holidays, and we’ll discuss why in our next section.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Holidays are a time for celebration, and with celebration comes food. The foods we tend to enjoy over the holidays aren’t always the healthiest of options, with many holiday parties featuring lavish amounts of desserts and other sweets. While enjoying these in moderation is fine, remember that your diet plays a role in varicose vein-related discomfort, and that many people have a tendency to put on weight during the colder months. Making sure that you’re eating healthy and exercising to offset the inevitable increase of holiday goodies can help alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins.

While experiencing varicose vein pain is inevitable during the holidays, following the above steps can greatly help in reducing it. At the end of the day, though, the best way to avoid vein pain this winter is to get your varicose veins treated at Center for Advanced Vein Care. Winter is a fantastic time to get your veins treated, and you can spend the entire cold and snowy months healing up and preparing for summer. At Center for Advanced Vein Care, we are committed to providing Mentor with high quality vein care and treatment services. We want nothing more than for our patients to be happy and healthy, and we work hard to help you with all of your varicose vein treatment related needs. For more information about our services, contact Center for Advanced Vein Care at 440-295-9105.


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