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Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema causes swelling due to the buildup of lymph fluid. It commonly affects the arms and legs. Lymphedema is usually caused by damage to lymph nodes during cancer treatment. It can also result from infection, injury, genetics, or other conditions affecting the lymphatic system.

Early symptoms include limb heaviness, achiness, mild swelling, numbness, and decreased flexibility in the affected area. As lymphedema advances, swelling becomes more visible, skin thickens, and fibrosis develops under the skin. Recurrent infections can occur.

Lymphedema is incurable but treatable. The main medical treatments include:

compression boot wrap on lymphedema affected leg

At-home care, such as doing lymphatic drainage exercises, wearing compression garments, exercising safely, and elevating the affected limb, also helps control lymphedema.

Some natural remedies like lymphatic massage, anti-inflammatory diet and herbs, Epsom salt baths, supplements, and deep breathing may provide added benefits when used alongside medical care. Losing excess weight also reduces swelling.

Treatment is most effective in early stages before fibrosis and fat deposits hinder drainage. Continued lifelong therapy keeps swelling in check and maintains mobility and quality of life. Support groups aid self-management.

While incurable, lymphedema is treatable with dedication to professional and at-home care. Managing it early optimizes a patient’s outcomes and can often keep swelling near normal levels long-term.

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