Treating Spider Veins

Varicose Veins Treatment

Treating spider veins

By Dr. Sonja Stiller, Center for Advanced Vein Care

Summer is here and that means wearing shorts and sandals and exposing our bare, imperfect legs to the world. However, for many patients, varicose veins are much more than a cosmetic concern; they are often accompanied by a serious venous health issue that can cause leg pain, swelling, fatigue and many other symptoms.

But what about spider veins? Is it okay to treat them for cosmetic reasons?

The short answer is yes, but even spider veins are often a symptom of a bigger problem underneath. We can do surface treatments during the summer to improve the look of your legs, but it’s a bit like putting on makeup. If the underlying issue is not resolved, the spider veins will simply return.

The only way to know if your legs will improve by treating surface veins is to have an evaluation. Some areas are almost certainly related to something going on underneath. For example, spider veins along the medial leg (inner leg) are likely related to a big vein underneath. Surface veins behind the knee or on the outer leg are less likely to be related to a bigger problem.

The ideal scenario is to start from the inside out. However, some patients prefer waiting until the fall to begin the process so we sometimes do cosmetic work in the summer and begin treating the underlying problem in the fall.

If your legs aren’t everything you want them to be, give us a call, especially if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • chronic leg pain
  • fatigue
  • itching
  • burning
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • leg cramps or swelling


Dr. Sonja Stiller is a diplomat of both the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and is the founder of the Center for Advanced Vein Care located at 7200 Mentor Avenue, in Mentor. For an appointment, call 440-710-1140. More information can be found at

Content Source: Mimi Vanderhaven


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