Two Tips for Avoiding Spider Veins This Summer

More than any other time of year, summer in Cleveland is the best time to show off your legs. Unfortunately, you may suffer from spider veins on your legs, which could make it difficult to feel confident showing off your legs this summer. In today’s blog, we will give two vein treatment tips to help you avoid or reduce spider veins.

Exercise More

Even though most people realize that a little more exercise could make their lives better, we can all be guilty of not exercising enough. Did you know that exercising more regularly can help you avoid spider veins? Obesity can often lead to spider veins or varicose veins more generally, and even if you are not obese, a largely sedentary lifestyle can also contribute to spider veins.

One of the best ways to avoid spider veins is to become more active in day-to-day life. Exercises focused on the legs help ensure that your legs stay strong and healthy, which can keep spider veins from developing. Exercising also puts your legs in better shape to show them off during the summer too.

Luckily, it can be easy to give your legs more exercise! Simply walking more often can improve the health of your legs and put them in shape to avoid spider veins. Moreover, adding more time for walking to your daily schedule is easy.

Instead of trying to park as close as you can at work, think of your legs and park farther away; or, if you would rather, try to take the stairs more and the elevator less. If all else fails, trips to the park in the summer and to a track in the winter can give you the opportunity to exercise your legs and keep them from developing spider veins.

Improve Your Posture

Spider veins can also be a result of poor posture throughout daily life. While those of us who stand more at work are at more risk to develop spider veins, poor posture while sitting can also lead to unsightly legs. So, improve your posture and feel confident in your legs.

To improve your posture in daily life, try not to sit or stand for extended periods of time. Perhaps investing in a standing desk for an office job would be wise, or taking some time to sit throughout the day, if you frequently stand. Try to get up and move around, stretch, and take time for yourself, too. Regardless of what you do, be sure to switch positions from time to time for the health of your veins.

Improving posture can be difficult because you may frequently forget that it is something you were working on in the first place. Using visual reminders to check your posture throughout the day could help you develop better habits while sitting or standing. While improving your posture may feel like a hassle at first, sitting or standing with better posture will soon become second nature.

The Center for Advanced Vein Care Is Here to Help

After reading today’s blog, we hope you feel confident in adjusting your lifestyle to look out for your legs. Summer should be the time for shorts and bathing suits, not the time to cover your legs because of spider veins. If you have any questions about vein treatment or if you would like to receive vein treatment in Cleveland, then feel free to contact the Center for Advanced Vein Care.


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