Why We Love Compression Stockings (And You Will, Too!)

Why We Love Compression Socks

We recommend compression stockings to many of the patients seeking vein treatment in our Ohio clinic! Compression stockings can offer so many benefits before, during, and after vein treatment and make a huge difference in both the appearance of your vein and how your legs feel at the end of the day. If you are skeptical of compression stockings and think they aren’t for you, then it’s time to learn more about these incredible foundation garments and why we think more people should be wearing them on a daily basis.

Reasons to Love Compression Stockings

They are actually really stylish.

What do you think of when you think about compression stockings? Many of us think about the ugly socks our grandmothers used to wear. At the time, you probably didn’t really understand why your grandmother chose to wear something so ugly and unfashionable, but not that you are getting varicose veins of your own, you might be rethinking your judgment of her fashion sense. Thankfully, today’s compression stockings are nothing like the ones that your grandmother used to wear. Today’s socks and stockings are available in a huge range of sizes, colors, and styles so you can find compression stockings for every event.

They help with blood flow.

Compression stockings constrict the blood vessels in your legs. This helps your circulatory system send blood back to the heart more efficiently. As you age, your blood vessels can become less elastic and less efficient at moving blood through your system. This allows blood to pool in your veins. That pooled blood is what causes issues like varicose veins. Wearing the stockings can keep your blood moving through your legs without pooling along the way.

It can limit swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet.

If you suffer from swollen legs, feet, or ankles at the end of a long day, it’s worth trying compression socks. They can help decrease the fluid that builds up in your body and creates the swelling in your legs at the end of the day. This can be beneficial even if you aren’t troubled by a vein disorder like varicose veins. People who work on their feet or women who are pregnant may find relief from swelling with compression socks, too.

It can reduce muscle fatigue in your legs.

There is a reason that many runners are choosing to wear compression socks, too. It’s because it can help reduce the fatigue that you feel in your legs. Whether you are running a marathon, doing some sight-seeing, or are just on your feet a lot during the day, compression socks can help prevent your legs from feeling tired at the end of the day. They prevent lactic acid from building up in your muscles and keep blood moving.

It can help prevent and improve varicose veins.

This is the primary reason we recommend compression socks to so many of our vein treatment patients. Wearing compression socks can help prevent varicose veins from forming in the first place. So if the condition runs in your family, it’s a good idea to start wearing compression stockings sooner rather than later. If varicose veins are already developing, wearing stocking can help prevent them from getting worse.

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