Worst Exercises for Varicose Veins

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While exercise is an important part of your vein health, there are certain exercises you should avoid if you have varicose veins or are at risk for developing them. In this blog, we will go over which exercises are to be avoided to maintain the health of your veins.


Unfortunately, while running does strengthen your calf muscles, it is also very hard on your body. The high-impact nature of running can cause stress to your joints, aggravating your varicose veins and cause them to swell more. If you love running, you can reduce the impact on your joints by running on softer terrain, like grass or a synthetic track. You may also wear compression stockings on your legs.


If you are trying to bulk up, reconsider picking up that weight if you have varicose veins. When you lift, you put pressure on your abdominal, which in turn reduces blood flow to the legs. It may cause blood to pool and create more pressure on your leg veins, which can then cause damage to the valves. If you are committed to a weightlifting regimen, consider doing more reps with lighter weights. Additionally, do what exercises you can with your legs level or above your heart. Finally, be sure not to hold your breath when you are lifting; exhale when lifting, and inhale when lowering.


Any exercise that involves scrunching up your abdominal can be detrimental to your vein health. This is because the additional pressure on your abdominal muscles can decrease blood flow to your legs. Yoga incorporates many moves that may put undue pressure on your abdominal area. If you regularly attend yoga classes, inform your instructor of your vein concerns.

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