Compression Stockings

The Center for Advanced Vein Care recommends compression therapy as an integral part of our vein care services. The use of compression stockings provides you with the necessary support to maintain and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Why Use Compression Stockings

Venous circulation problems worsen over time, and wearing gradient compression support can help. In fact, many insurance companies specify that compression therapy stockings are used for a period of time before they will approve further vein treatments.

We often have our patients wear compression stockings throughout the treatment process as they help to keep the veins compressed and can lead to better treatment outcomes. We also encourage our patients to continue compression therapy after treatment to slow down any further progression of vein disease.

Compression Stocking Experts

We carry a selection of basic compression stockings in our office that will work for many of our patients. If you have special sizing needs, or other specific requirements, we can help you as well.

Don’t panic; compression stockings are not just what you remember Grandma wearing. They come in many colors, designs, and styles to suite your lifestyle. Dr. Stiller says, “If they were still your Grandma’s stockings, I wouldn’t wear them regularly.”

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