Effective Venous Insufficiency Treatment in Ohio

A More Confident You

At Center for Advanced Vein Care, we can treat your varicose veins with endovenous laser ablation for a more confident, healthier you.

Effective Venous Insufficiency Treatment in Ohio

Veins play an essential role in the delivery of blood to the heart. Whenever there’s a disruption of this process, health problems can arise and decrease our quality of life.

When the valves inside the veins become incompetent and cannot send blood from your limbs, it’s known as Venous Insufficiency. In this condition, blood gets stuck in the vein in your legs and causes leg symptoms such as swelling, pain, varicose veins, and ulceration.

Venous Insufficiency can be painful and disabling; however, the right treatment can help lessen the symptoms and prevent further complications. If you are looking for the best vein center in Ohio, The Center for Advanced Care provides effective chronic venous insufficiency treatments.

Minimally Invasive Vein Treatments in Ohio

When visiting the Center for Advanced Vein Care, one of our vein specialists will go through your medical history, evaluate your skin, and run the tests needed to diagnose your vein disorder.

Like any other condition, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is most treatable in its earliest stages. CVI treatment options vary depending on your specific case, and your vein doctor will work with you to determine what treatment, or combination of treatments, works best for you.

Here are some of the venous insufficiency treatments that our clinic provides:

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

Thermal ablation (EVLA or RFA) is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the application of heat to seal abnormal veins.

How Does it Work?

We place a laser fiber into the damaged vein using a catheter (a small tube). We then use a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. Then, we activate the laser fiber, creating enough heat to close and seal the vein. Closing the vein prevents blood from pooling in the leg and improves overall blood flow. This replaces the ‘old fashioned’ technique often known as vein stripping and has no significant downtime after the procedure.

After the treatment, your doctor will ask you to use compression stocking regularly for the next week or so.


Vein specialists use sclerotherapy when the veins are twisty or a catheter can’t be placed in the veins. During sclerotherapy, we inject medicine into the damaged veins. The medicine causes the veins to shrink so that they can no longer carry blood. Blood then returns to the heart through other healthy veins.

Other Ways to Manage Chronic Venous Insufficiency:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Wear compression stockings
  • Avoiding standing for long periods
  • Elevate your legs

These recommendations don’t fix the veins, but they do help with symptoms.

Seek Treatment

Chronic venous insufficiency can be painful and disabling. And they are progressive which means they will worsen over time.

The best way to maintain healthy veins and good quality of life is with a vein experts’ help. Our specialists are qualified and prepared to prevent, diagnose, and treat chronic venous insufficiency and any other type of vein condition at the Center for Advanced Vein Care.


  • You have a strong, uncontrollable urge to move your legs, usually accompanied by unpleasant sensations.
  • Your symptoms start or get worse when you’re trying to sleep, sitting, or lying down.
  • Your symptoms are partially or temporarily relieved by activity, such as walking or stretching.
  • Your symptoms get worse at night.
  • Signs can’t be explained solely by another medical or behavioral condition.


Since varicose veins are closely related and can even be a cause of RLS, treating your vein disease can help alleviate RLS.

Fortunately, surgery is no longer the only solution to treat vein conditions. Now there are non-invasive procedures used to treat vein conditions quickly and efficiently.

At the Center for Advanced Vein Care, we provide advanced and minimally invasive vein treatments and techniques to effectively manage your vein conditions and without the need for hospitalization.

We have years of experience performing minimally invasive vein treatments successfully, which can in turn help in treating RLS disorder. Give us a call today and get a free screening.