Minimally Invasive Hand Veins Treatment in Lake County, Ohio

Some people feel ashamed and unhappy with the purplish twisted veins. The appearance of hand veins may cause shame on some people; they feel negative about themselves and keep them from living happily. The good news is that the Center For Advanced Vein Care is ready to provide the best hand vein treatment in Lake County, Ohio.

What are Hand Veins 

Hand veins are healthy veins that help return blood to our heart, but unfortunately, some of them become red and bulgy.

Most of our patients have mentioned that hand veins restrict them from living freely. They are always thinking about how to hide their hands, so their veins become unseen. It is no secret that the red/purple hand veins are ugly. But many people make it to the point they start rejecting social events because they feel embarrassed of their twisted hand veins.

Fortunately, there are hand vein treatments in Lake County, Ohio. The Center for Advanced Vein Care will help you reduce them and eliminate the unsightly veins forever.

We provide specialized treatments guided by our doctor Sonja Stiller. She is a certified physician that perfectly knows how to handle veins disease. She can also assist you with cosmetic concerns related to vein diseases, including minimally invasive treatments for spider veins, thread veins, facial veins, and hand veins.

Treat Hand Veins in Lake County

In the Center for Advanced Vein Care, we provide three invasive procedures to treat veins disease:

  1. Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy
  2. Endovenous Laser Ablation
  3. Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation

If you were thinking of spending a tremendous amount of money on hospitalization and even worried about the fact of not being able to work because of recovering, then you are wrong. Our veins’ treatments are minimally invasive; this means the following:

  • You don’t have to go to the hospital to get any of these treatments.
  • The treatment will take less than a day to apply.
  • You can keep doing your daily activities immediately.

Get Your Confidence Back

Improving your overall health and wellness through hand veins treatments in Lake County, Ohio, is your best option. We are a professional and reliable clinic that knows how to handle vein diseases. With our new techniques, you can get back to your everyday life, boosting your self-esteem to the limit.