Our veins are a crucial component of our cardiovascular system and play a vital role in our overall health. Most patients do not pay attention to their importance until they are quite noticeable in the skin. Swelling, leg cramps, and restlessness are among the common symptoms of vein disease.

There are many things that patients who deal with vein disease cannot enjoy in their daily life.

For this reason, you should prioritize your vein health regardless of your age. The Center for Advanced Vein Care counts on professional vein doctors to help you have a better, fuller life. We provide radiofrequency thermal ablation services in Lake County, Ohio, for your veins, as well as advice to help you in your daily routine.

Center for Advanced Vein Care effectively carries out this treatment that accounts for minimal invasion. Radiofrequency thermal ablation utilizes heat to treat vein disease. The energy of this system tears down the affected vein by damaging the internal wall of a vein.


We Numb The Pain

Our Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation is a special service for those patients looking to reduce or eliminate the pain caused by vein disease. During the Radiofrequency treatment, we use ultrasound to obtain access to the vein. Once accessed, we insert a catheter and advance to the required area of the vein to treat it with radiofrequency energy while focusing on the proper areas.

We use ultrasound to get accessibility to the vein during the Radiofrequency (RF) process. After the vein has been reached, we gently insert a catheter. We then push it to the appropriate section of the vein, where radiofrequency energy is concentrated on the appropriate locations for effective treatment.

This may sound complicated to you, but at the Center for Advanced Vein Care, our vein doctors count on many years of experience and will simplify this journey for you. We know this is a scary process for you, but we will be by your side from the beginning until your recovery. Yes, there are also some things you should know after the treatment is done.

Post-Operation Symptoms.


Don’t worry if after the treatment you notice bruises. Minimal bruising is possible, and it varies depending on the number of locations administered during tumescent anesthesia and your usual bruise patterns.

Soreness and Aching

In the treated area, you may feel achy or sore. You might experience this discomfort anywhere between days to a few weeks after the treatment is carried out. Some ways to treat soreness include walking, applying cold objects to the affected area, and using compression stockings. If required, you can also take acetaminophen to relieve discomfort.


There is a probability you’ll feel a pulling sensation over the treated area, sort of like a cord. Movement, such as walking or stretching, aids in alleviating this discomfort. It usually lasts a few weeks, but it might last for months. Make sure to talk to one of our vein doctors or your assigned physician about concerns and any other symptoms you’re having.

We Take Care Of You.

At the Center For Advanced Vein Care, we understand all the discomfort of vein disease, so we will provide you with personalized service. This means that we will adapt to your needs and be ready when you’re ready.

We know that we provide services directly related to your feelings, and we promise to be patient and gentle while carrying out this treatment. This is a significant step that you’re taking, and we’ll be glad to accompany you throughout this journey.