Inflammation of a vein just beneath the skin and generally in the leg is known as superficial thrombophlebitis. A minor blood clot in the vein is also possible, although it is often not dangerous. Within a few weeks, the problem normally improves and disappears. Our treatments at the Center for Advanced Vein Care can help to relieve pain, soreness, and bruises.

In our vein system, there are two types of veins including deep and superficial veins. While our deep veins tend to go inside our muscles, our superficial veins take blood from the surface of our bodies back to our deep veins. Deep veins in our legs are fundamental because they carry blood into our bodies and with time, this blood also travels to our hearts.

Think of veins as branches of a tree. Deep veins are the ones that hold the tree, while superficial veins support deep veins. The closer a superficial vein is to a deep vein, the bigger it is.


In Scientific Terms…

Clotted blood is the main sign of Thrombosis, while Phlebitis is present when there is vessel inflammation or irritation. Hence, thrombophlebitis is a mix of these two.

The signs that indicate that you may be suffering from this disease include redness, pain, and warmth over the vessel.

Thrombophlebitis is the result of a blood clot and vessel inflammation.

Benefits Of This Treatment

The benefits of treating superficial thrombophlebitis involve health and esthetics. At the Center for Advanced Vein Care, we will create a healthier and more confident you.

Keep in mind that our vein system is highly interconnected throughout our entire body, so clotted blood in your legs can eventually harm your heart too. For this reason, you should have a specialist in this field treat this disease. At the Center for Advanced Vein Care, you’ve got it!

Why Work With Us?

At the Center for Advanced Vein Care, we count on the necessary expertise and equipment to help you relieve the symptoms of superficial thrombophlebitis. Dr. Sonja Stiller will be by your side throughout every step of the process to guide you and educate you about this disease. There is also a team that works alongside her that will care for you and create a solution to your issue.

We are committed to our patients. Our greatest intention is to increase your confidence while also helping you be healthier. We are your most reliable vein doctors in the area.

We invite you to visit our establishments at Lake County, Ohio, and we guarantee that you’ll be mesmerized by our service.