What Causes Spider Veins?

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Everyone is always trying to look their best for multiple reasons. Some people think that appearance is important because it is good to project a good first impression for working purposes. Some other people like to look well at all times because it makes them feel better. However, people might encounter the goal of looking well with certain inconveniences.

Medical inconveniences are not always life-threatening but are certainly troublesome in the aspect of aesthetics and level of pain. Spider veins fall into this category because it messes up with the appearance of a person while at the same time causing uncomfortable pain in your legs. 

The Root of the Condition

Small, damaged veins that develop on the surface of the legs or face are known as spider veins. Although they are rarely unpleasant or dangerous, some people may desire to have them treated for aesthetic reasons.

Several risk factors influence the origin of this condition. The following list discusses some of them: 

  • Genetics: The majority of people suffering from this condition have a family history of them. 
  • Older people: Vein valves tend to deteriorate with time. As a person gets older, the calf muscles, which support the veins in the legs and allow them to pump blood upward, may lose part of their strength.
  • Being female: The majority of patients suffering from spider veins are women.
  • Hormones: Because estrogen weakens vein valves, hormonal birth control and menopausal therapies may increase the risk of spider veins.
  • Remaining in the same position for lengthy periods. 
  • Sun damage: The sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause skin damage, including damaged blood vessels and spider veins, especially on the face.

How Are Spider Veins Treated?

Several procedures are available in a vein clinic:


Sclerotherapy is a procedure that includes injecting an irritant directly into the vein in question. When the vein walls get inflamed, they cling together, preventing blood flow into the region.

This treatment can help to decrease edema and shrink the vein; several sessions may be required to obtain the desired outcome.

Laser surgery

A laser can be used to treat spider veins that are less than 3 millimeters in diameter and near to the skin’s surface by vein doctors. The laser is a powerful, concentrated beam of light that clots and dries out the spider vein.

There is no injection when using this treatment, making laser treatments less intrusive than sclerotherapy or closure systems.

Patients can opt to treat spider veins at home as well. Doing exercise, wearing compression stockings, and increasing the fiber in your diet can help you achieve this goal.

Choosing the Right Treatment

Since spider veins can be removed or reduced using various procedures, it is wise to refer to a medical practitioner to get treated. 

There are vein clinics like Center For Advanced Vein Care that specialize in this field. It is a good idea to approach its vein doctors, get a consultation to get rid of the pain, and of course, get back the appearance you desire. 




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